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Otaru Yoi Story 2017-2018

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

The Otaru Canal is colored with fantastic blue illumination

The street of Otaru is wrapped in blue and orange lights and we will spin your own story

Event that colors Otaru winter "Otaru Yuuki Yuki Monogatari". The "blue canal" that fantasizes the Otaru Canal with about 10,000 balls of blue is from sundown until 22:30. In February the "Snow light road" begins, the canal is colored by the candle's gentle light. Enjoy the glittering canal, the canal of warmth and the two faces. Every year we exhibit popular glass art galleries (JR Otaru Station) and Wineglass Tower (Canal Plaza) this year. Enjoy a delicious meal and a stroll in the winter city.


location Every place in Otaru (main venue: Canal Plaza · JR Otaru Station · Otaru Canal)
contact 0134-33-2510 (Otaru Tourism Association)
event date 2020.11.01 ~ 2021.02.13
how to access About 30 minutes by JR from Sapporo
Parking Lot None
Other Main events · Blue Canal (Otaru Canal) · Wineglass tower (canal plaza) · Glass Art Gallery (JR Otaru Station) · Floating ball tree (canal plaza front)