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The 42nd Shinko lake lake opening

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

Lake Shikotsu Opened the lake. It depends on climate and sightseeing situation of sightseeing vessel

Along with snow melting, to the full-scale tourist season Discounts on sightseeing ship fare and good service of hot springs

Spring will finally come to Lake Shikotsu that reflects the clear water surface like a mirror, the clear blue sky there and the snow still remaining in the mountains. The first event to tell the beginning of the tourist season is a lake opening and safety prayer festival. A celebration by Mr. Shoji is given, a monument of a large key is introduced into the lake by a child of Shikotsu Lake Elementary School, and the female fishes are discharged. On the day, discounts on sightseeing cruise ship fare, hot spring ryokan association, hot spring bathing half-price by local shopping street, discount service of souvenirs and meals are scheduled.


location Shikatsu Lake hot spring in Chitose city
contact 0123-23-8288 (Shikotsu Lake Festival Executive Committee)
event date 2020.04.12
Price Twilight boat (cruise boat in the water) is waiting for a boat (about 30 minutes) Adults 1620 円, primary school students 810 円
how to access About 1 hour 15 minutes by car from Sapporo city
Parking Lot There Toll
URL 千歳観光連盟