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In the summer of the door! HAMAMATSU Festival

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

I want to challenge by all means the pony cycle

One big event of summer sticking to "Horse" in Anping Town

It is an event that sticks to delicious (delicious) food, good (Uma) art, horse (horse) production area, and "horse" of Anpingo Town. Asahi Melon, Haya caked Wagyu etc, there are a lot of delicious taste in the town, stage show by skill such as dance and drumming performance, stage attendance of attendance type such as "Pony Cycle" unique to horse production area are prepared. Approximately 1,200 fireworks to be launched near the venue on the evening of the day are sufficiently popular and spectacular.


location Anping Town Hayato Northern Avenue 102 Number 5 (Tokiwa Park Special Site)
contact 0145-22-2514 (same executive committee)
event date 2020.07.04 ~ 2020.07.05
how to access Approximately 20 minutes by car from Chitose IC
Parking Lot There Approximately 1,000 units · Free