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The 43rd Sarukutsukuri Festival

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

Many festivals are held with fine taste under fine weather

Special products such as famous scallops and hairy crabs are proud of it!

The biggest event of Sarufutsu village "The 43rd Sarutobutsu Sightseeing Festival" will be held at Saito Sutruku Park on the way station on 15th and 16th July. At the eve of the evening on 15th, Yosakoi, a fireworks festival by elementary school students of Sarufuto village including a song show will be scheduled. At the main festival on the 16th, there are plenty of fun programs such as scallops souvenir shops, scallop stacking tournaments, fish grips (for children only), song shows, lotteries for local specialties! Fresh and delicious marine products such as scallops and hairy crabs, the stomach is a great satisfaction event.


location Road Station Sarufutsu Park (Sarufutsu Village Hamami Shimbun 214 - 7)
contact 01635-2-2211 (Sarufutsura Tourism Association)
event date 2020.07.18 ~ 2020.07.19
how to access About 1 hour 50 minutes by car from JR Wakkanai station * In the case of the route by the sea (route 238)
Parking Lot There 500 cars · free * sightseeing festival temporary parking lot