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Mikubabi open commemoration beach volleyball tournament

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

A prize and prize are awarded to the top prize team

Beach volleyball tournament where even beginners can participate

It is a beach volleyball tournament that celebrates the opening of "Mikuburibichi" beach in Futami Town Fujimi. Besides the four-person mixed men's division (30 teams), there are also four-person layered departments (12 teams) so even beginners can feel free to join. A calm beach is a spot where children with children can relax securely all day. There are sightseeing spots such as river park, road station, gimpo primary garden, etc. in the surrounding area.


location Fujimi Beach (Mikuribibi special beach volley venue / Futami Town Fujimi)
contact 01632-7-2111 (Economic Affairs Section Commerce and Industry Fishery Section)
event date 2019.07.14
Price Entry fee · A class (general hybrid section): 1 team 5,000 yen · B class (inexperienced part): 1 team 4,000 yen
how to access About 4 hours by bus from Sapporo station to coastal bus distant office about 5 minutes on foot from distant sales office
Parking Lot There 259 passenger cars, 4 large vehicles, and no material
Other · Please check the details of the convention and the application method on the above website