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2018 Kuriyama long-established store festival

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

Free tasting of freshly squeezed freshly squeezed rice before being bottled. Of course it is OK as well.

An appreciation event once a year, given by a long-established store of the Kuriyama brand!

The Kuriyama long-established store festival is a general term for two events to be held in Kuriyama Town on the weekend of the second week of April. One is Kobayashi Shuzo's "Nishiki sake brewery of the 30th North." General opening of the nation's nationwide sake brewery (national registered tangible cultural property) once a year, selling of sake tasting and selling limited liquor, seafood baked goods such as baked oysters and a full menu menu of Kuriyama croquette of the local gourmet Line up. The second is Yasuda confectionery "The 20th Kibi Dango Festival". General openings of factories where tasting of old-fashioned kibi dumplings can be made, tasting, sales of goods of Kuriyama etc. are carried out.


location Kuriyama Town Nishiki 3 - chome Around
contact 0123-72-1001 (Kobayashi Shuzo), 0123-72-1234 (Yatta confectionery)
event date 2020.04.11 ~ 2020.04.12
Price Admission free
how to access 10 minutes on foot from JR Kuriyama station
Parking Lot None There is no parking lot in the Kuriyama long-established store festival venue. However, we will operate a patrol bus to JR Kuriyama station. JR Kuriyama Station ⇔ Station Shopping Street ⇔ Natural Hot Spring Kuriyama ⇔ Kuriyama Park Parking Lot). Operating hours 8: 9: 30-16: 00, 9: 9: 30-15: 00
Other Other events include Danshi's Sweet Bowl Corner, Nishikaki Square (1000 people accommodation) and Yosakoi showcasing regional performing arts etc.