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Charity Summer Party

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

The state at the 2nd meeting. Many people gather

Charity event to be held in Naganuma Town

This is the annual summer event of Naganuma cho commerce and industry youth department which is held from 2014. Following the "Beer Party" and the "Nagunuman Tanabata Festival" which had been carried out to the past, the concept is to have children in the area raise "Furusato consciousness". Performance shows by game play corners and street performers, lotteries for enjoyment are also held. Also, with the cooperation of the Air Self Defense Force Naganuma Shimun Base, performances of the Northern Air Corps music festival, which is being played at the Chitose Airlines Festival and JRA Emperor Awards, etc., will also be held. The earnings of the beer garden to be opened will be devoted to Christmas gifts for nursery schools in the town and kindergartens in the kindergarten. * Please note that the above is information for FY 2016.


location Naganumacho office parking lot (Naganuma cho, Chuo Kita 1 - chome 1-1)
contact 01238-8-2221 (Naganuma cho commerce association)
event date 2019.08.03
Price Beer ticket: 1,500 yen
how to access About 50 minutes by car from Sapporo About 30 minutes by car from Chitose
Parking Lot None
Other * Please note that the above is information for FY 2016.