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Teshio Itsukushima Shrine Example festival

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

Many cute kids will also participate

Teshio lion dance and children's barrel mikoshi add flowers to traditional festivals

Itsukushima shrine in Teshio-cho is enshrined as the guardian of people working in the Sea of ​​Japan and Teshio River, and is also a guardian deity of Teshio Port. An example festival held over three days of July 16th, 17th, and 18th every year is a traditional tradition in which a brave mikoshi walks around the town and a shikigami transhipment, an old-fashioned heavenly Teshio lion dance, a cute child barrel mikoshi and a wakekai dance are held It is a festival of. Child dedication Sumo is scheduled to be held on the 18th afternoon.


location Teshio-machi Itsukushima Shinto shrine (Teshio-cho Kawaguchi baseline 1226)
contact 01632-2-1001 (Teshio-cho Tourism Association)
event date 2020.07.16 ~ 2020.07.18
how to access It takes about 4 hours 30 minutes by car from Sapporo via National Route 232 It takes about 1 hour 15 minutes by car from Wakkanai via Wakkanai Tiano line on the way road.
Parking Lot There free