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Wakasagi Fishing

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

Lively red season in the season. You can enjoy fishing while enjoying the beautiful surroundings

Enjoy from beginners to experienced! One of Yokadatsu spots in Hokkaido

The extremely cold lake · Akihirouchi Lake is known as one of the most famous wakasagi fishing spots in Hokkaido. January - April of the season is exactly paradise for anglers. Since it can be enjoyed from families to veterans, cheers and smiles that blow off the cold spread over the ice during this period. Also features beautiful surroundings, breathtaking views such as sun pillars and diamond dust spread as well as one snow scene. We also recommend rental set and mini guide service so even for beginners.


location Horouegiuchi cho Shimenakauchi lakeside
contact 0165-38-2470 (Cooperative combination of the freshwater fisheries of the Inner Mongolia Lake)
event date 2020.01.10 ~ 2020.04.10
Price Yu Fishery Adult 1100 yen (half price for junior high school students) Fishing tool rental set 600 yen Tent rental 1000 yen ~ Parking fee 1 unit 300 yen
how to access 20 minutes on foot from JR Bus Fukae Bus stop "Mitsui" 3 hours 30 minutes from Sapporo by car · 2 hours from Asahikawa
Parking Lot There Approximately 300 units · charged