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Ugly Festival

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

Attention is paid so that sea urchin 's quick - eating competition does not stick your thorns in your mouth!

Sea urchin making Rishiri special product such as sea urchin and sea urchin juice!

As its name suggests, it is the annual event that mainized "Uni" which is a special product of Rishiri Island. (Scheduled) such as "Elementary school student sea urchins" and "sea urchin fast eating competition" are held (planned), and in the food and drink corner you can eat sea urchin full of stomach with sea urchin and sea urchin juice. Of course, besides sea urchin, fresh marine products unique to Rishiru are arranged at stands booths. At the stage, games and performances that can be enjoyed in family together, performance, bingo competitions, etc. are scheduled.


location Rishirifuji-cho general exchange promotion facility riPura parking lot (Rishiri Fujicho 鴛 泊 正 栄 町 119-1)
contact 0163-82-1125 (same executive committee / Rishiri Fujicho Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
event date 2019.08.11
how to access 20 minutes walk from Wakkanai station to Wakkanai Ferry Terminal, approximately 1 hour 40 minutes to ferry terminal to Haibei Ferry Terminal
Parking Lot There free
Other ※ Please note that the schedule is other than the schedule for the year 2016. The information for 2017 is due to be updated in mid-June.