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Rebellious Furusato Festival Lake Festival · Strait Festival

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

The strait festival venue that is more and more enthusiastic since sunset

A taste of reiko wrapped up! Fireworks display also held

Rebun-cho's biggest event to enjoy short summer is "Rebuku Furusato Festival". Many food corners are served on the main street of the city, where you can taste beer garden and seafood for cheap. A variety of programs including a lottery for enjoyment are scheduled, and at the venue wrapped in festive enthusiasm, the islanders and tourists will spare the summer leaving beer. There is also the only fireworks festival in Rebun Bunko, and from the special venue of Kaohsiung there are impressive fireworks nearby. ※ The above is the contents of fiscal 2016


location Mooring Area・Kingshen Area
contact 0163-86-1001 (same executive committee / Rebun-cho village industrial section)
event date 2019.08.07 ~ 2019.08.10
how to access About 2 hours by ferry use from Wakkanai
Parking Lot There free