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Japan's taste aroma afternoon festival

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

Let's break the shells on the spot and enjoy the happiness feeling of being fresh

Selling fresh sea urchin at beach value

We will sell various marine products at cheap prices centering on the fresh sea urchin caught in the Tempe Island. Every year popular is the living sea urchin after all. A fresh sea urchin caught in the waters near the island is big, and it is sweet in the mouth. We also sell squid, scallops and shrimp. We set up marine products barbecue corner in the hall. You can bake it and eat it on the spot where you bought it. Fireworks festival is scheduled on Saturday, July 22 (Sat).


location Around the Terminal Harbor Ferry Terminal
contact 0164-62-6666 (Haboro Town Tourist Association)
event date 2020.07.18 ~ 2020.07.19
how to access 90 minutes by "Ferry Orosunori 2" from Habero Ferry Terminal, 60 minutes by "High-speed boat launches"
Parking Lot None