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The 6th Fisheries Festival (September and Festival)

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

Eagle · Kalei's picking is a very popular event! (The number of participants is limited.)

Take octopus and kaley! Cheap sale of Rebun Island special products as well

A gourmet event where great Reeboshima (hockey, shrimp, sea urchin etc.) gather at the special venue of Kaohsiung. The free corner of hockey (opening and hockey stick etc.) is popular enough that many people wait for baking until a row in the year. In the special saltwater pool, there is a picking corner of Octopus and Kalei, and it is exciting with the cheers of women and children. Of course we can not miss cheap sales of Rebun Island special products! ※ The above is the contents of fiscal 2016.


location Kaohsiung Special Site (Rebun-cho Kaoru Village)
contact 0163-86-1001 (Rebun-cho village industrial section)
event date 2019.07.20
how to access 20 minutes walk from Wakkanai station to Wakkanai Ferry Terminal, 2 hours to Kaohsiung Ferry Terminal by ferry use
Parking Lot There 100 units · Free