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Event · Festival

The 36th Zhu Xi Neihu Lake Festival

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

The colorful fireworks displayed on the lake surface produce a fantastic atmosphere

Be sure to see underwater fireworks blooming on the lake! Events that colorize summer of lake Redakumauchi

Including fireworks festival on the lake, stage show and tochimaki, lottery fun filled with content such as lottery festival. Decorating the finale is a fireworks display on Hako which will launch about 1,000 shots. Among them, "underwater expulsion" in which fireworks are displayed on the lake surface is a must-see. Please enjoy the summer unique to Lake Redakuma.


location Lakeside Plaza (Horokanaichocho 朱 玉 内)
contact 0165 - 35 - 2380 (Horokanaicho Tourist Association)
event date 2019.08.03
Price free
how to access About 3 hours by car from Sapporo (fast use to Shenzhen IC)
Parking Lot There 300 units · Free