Must-see Events from July to September!

Sapporo Odori Beer Garden

Mid-July 2020~Mid-August 2020

Cheers to the Fresh Summer Evenings of Sapporo! Pay a Visit to Japan’s Largest Beer Garden!

A trip to the Odori Beer Garden will leave you wishing that the fresh summer evenings of Sapporo would never end! Every year, the popular sightseeing spot Odori Park is transformed into to Japan’s largest beer garden, as it is filled with a seating area large enough to seat around 13,000 people. Beer tastes twice as nice when drunk outdoors in Hokkaido’s refreshingly cool summer temperatures! In an event space which stretches out for approximately 1km, each street features is own separately themed beer garden, where you can enjoy an array of different beers including beers sourced from factories around Sapporo, as well as from around the world! Why not try a variety of Japanese beers and taste the seasonal foods of Hokkaido as you relax in the green environs of Odori Park on a clear summer evening!

Hokkai Heso Festival (Belly Button) Festival

28th July 2020~ 29th July 2020

Feel Free to Take Part in this Event Which Features a Variety of Hilariously Decorated Stomachs!

An event which takes place in Furano, famous for it’s lavender. During this festival, participants paint faces on their stomachs and dance through town in the “Hokkai Belly Button Dance Competition”. It is also possible to take part in this festival, which sees participants with various faces painted on their stomachs parade through the town!

Esashi・Ubagami Daijingu Togyo Festival

9th August 2020~11th August 2020

Packed With History and Culture-Hokkaido’s Oldest Festival!

The oldest festival in Hokkaido, boasting around 370 years of history and culture. Thirteen floats (Yama) with elegant mikoshi and gorgeous dolls are carried around the town in time with the rhythm of Gion Hayashi, traditional Japanese music similar to that which can be heard during Kyoto’s famous Gion Matsuri. The sight of the gorgeous floats moving as one is absolutely stunning! On the final evening of the festival, spectators and participants of the festival come together as the floats are gathered together one by one in the downtown area of Shinchi-machi. Why not visit Esashi to see the oldest festival in Hokkaido?

Taiyo-no-Oka Engaru Park Tayo-on-Oka Cosmos Festa

End of August 2020~ Start of October 2020

See Ten Million Cosmos Flowers Bloom Brilliantly in Japan’s Largest Cosmos Garden!

A flower-filled event held within the largest cosmos garden in Japan, “Sun hill Engaru Park”. An impressive 10 million cosmos can be seen are in full bloom on the vast 10 hectare site.Enjoy a relaxing moment outside under the clear blue sky, surrounded by the brightly coloured cosmos flowers.

  • Engaru/Taiyou no Oka Engaru Park

Lake Notoro Coral Grass

Best time to visit: Middle of August – End of September

Be Enchanted by the Sheer Scale of this Mysterious and Gorgeous Aquatic Plant

A massive saltwater lake with a surface area of 580 000m² overlooks the Sea of Okhostk which it gently flows into it. When September hits, the lake is turned crimson by the growth of a strange aquatic plant that the locals call coral grass. The contrast between the ruby red of the coral grass against the sapphire blue of the lake will have your jaw-drop and your camera snapping. A wooden walking path runs right through the lake, so why not take a leisurely stroll through this incredible crimson phenomena of nature?

Sapporo Autumn Fest

11th September 2020~ 3rd October 2020

Be Among the 2 Million Attendees to One of Japan’s Largest Gourmet Events!

This gourmet event that brings together the finest foods from all across the island. Visit the stalls to take in flavours (and interesting personalities) from all parts of Hokkaido and you might feel like you’ve taken a gourmet stroll to the distant corners of the prefecture. Best of all, this event offers the best wine and sake available from each area, served with Hokkaido cheese and sake paired skillfully with traditional Japanese hors d’oeuvres. It’s the biggest food and drinks fest in Hokkaido, so don’t miss your chance!

Iwamizawa Hyappei Festival

September 14 – September 16, 2019

Take Part in Making Mochi Rice Cakes with the World’s Largest Rice-smashing Mallet!

Making mochi cakes with the biggest rice-smashing mallet in the world! The draw of this traditional festival is the world’s largest “usu,” a Japanese mortar, that’s more than 2 meters in diameter and weighing in at 4 tons! Add to this beast a gigantic 200 kilogram mallet and around 200 people, and you have one of the most intense mochi-making sessions around.Feel free to jump in and join in on this larger-than-life take on a traditional Japanese festivity.