Must-See Events from October to September!

Toyako Onsen Illumination Street,Illumination Tunnel

Start of November 2020~ End of March 2021

Toyako Onsen Town is Adorned With a Mysterious Glow in the Winter Months!

During this event Toyako Onsen becomes a veritable winter wonderland, as the road from Toyako Onsen to the lakeside is lit up by 12,000 gleaming blue and white lights, bathing the area in a festive glow which can only be experienced in the winter months. Every year in November, a 70m-long illumination tunnel is constructed in the center of the hot spring town, where you can stroll to your hearts content, losing your self in the glistening lights which surround you.

Sapporo White Illumination

Odori Venue: Mid-November 2020~ End of December 2020Minami Ichijodori Site/JR Sapporo Station South Exit Plaza Site: Mid-November 2020~Mid-March 2021

Sapporo City is Brilliantly Lit Up During this Wintery Event!

The streets of Sapporo city become a winter wonderland as they are lit up in an array of fantastical colours during this popular event! Each venue is decorated according to separate themes, so you can enjoy exploring each fantastical world of light! The event is held alongside the “Munich Christmas City in Sapporo”, amplifying the festive atmosphere within the city center. The area remains lit up until 24:00 during the Christmas period.

Hakodate Christmas Fantasy

End of November 2020~25th December 2020

Hakodate’s Winter Illuminations, featuring a Christmas tree which floats upon the sea!

An event which focuses around a huge Christmas tree, which appears to rise up from the sea in the bay in front of the Kanemori red brick warehouses, lighting up the night sky of Hakodate. Approximately 150,000 illuminations light up around 18:00 every day, and the night sky is painted vividly by fireworks, which are released every night during the event. The venue also features a row of soup bars, offering a sample of the culinary skills of local shops-enjoy the taste of the warm soup as you stand to admire the glowing lights of the tree and revel in the peaceful atmosphere of Christmas in Hakodate!

Goryokaku Hoshi no Yume Illumination

1st December 2020~29th February 2021

See the winter night lit up by the glow of the star-shaped Gryokaku fort!

During the “Hoshi no Yume” event, around 2000 lights illuminate moat of the star-shaped Goryokaku fort from 5pm-8pm every night (from 5:30pm-8pm from October). For the best view, it is recommended that you ascend to the Goryokaku Tower Observation Deck to take in a leisurely view of the whole area. (A separate observation fee is required. A special nighttime fee is available from 17:00.)

Hoshino Resort Tomamu Ice Village

Mid-December 2020~ Mid-March 2021

Visit The Frozen wonderland of This Fantasy Ice Village!

Emerging only in the depths of Tomamu’s winter, the Ice Village will delight both adults and children alike with a variety of attractions, including an ice slide! Deep in the heart of the Ice village you will find wonderful structures such as the “Ice Church” and “Ice Hotel”, which have been made entirely from ice! This spectacular ice world can only exist thanks to Tomamu’s extremely cold winter temperatures, which can drop as low as -30 degrees!

Furano Kan Kan Mura

End of December 2020~ Mid-March 2021

Experience the Wonders of Furano at Night! Nighttime Snow Tubing and Dog Sledding!

Furano’s winter event, Furano Kan Kan Mura. You can fully enjoy your evening in Furano by trying out various activities such as snow tubing and dog sledding. It is highly recommended to check out the “Snowdome Café” which, constructed entirely from snow, is an experience unique to Hokkaido. Lit up by colourful LED lights, this spot is sure to become the favorite of both couples and families alike!