Healing journey near Sapporo

The image expressed as, “To enjoy nature to your heart’s content, Eastern Hokkaido” is extremely strong, but in fact, there are many rich natural settings, Lake Shikotsu among them, located only about a 1-hour drive from New Chitose Airport or from Sapporo.
As such, it is possible for you to enjoy a day of healing in a natural setting located only an hour away from the city center!

Leave Sapporo

Leave Sapporo at 8:00 AM in search of nearby nature. After about an hour’s drive you will reach your destination, Lake Shikotsu. You travel there on National Highway No. 453.


Explore Lake Shikotsu that changes along with the seasons. Enjoy the experience of canoeing, the perfect way to fully savor the natural setting of Lake Shikotsu. As you steer your canoe across the crystal clear surface of Lake Shikotsu that has earned the title, “Clearest water in Japan” eight years in a row, you feel as if you are floating in the sky. Here you can delight in water clearer and bluer than any ordinary blue pond. After you are satisfied with canoeing, you can enjoy the Soto Café. Here you can relax over a cup of coffee, a glass of home-made ginger ale, or a plate of their hand-made pastries. The refreshing experience of canoeing followed by a rest in the lake-side Soto Café is guaranteed to relieve your fatigue.

Shikotsu Guide House Canoa
  • Inquiries:0123-25-2430
  • Location:Bangaichi, Lake Shikotsu Hot Spring, Chitose
  • Access:One hour and 30 minutes by car from Sapporo Station
  • Regular Holidays:Yes (Parking fee is 410 yen)
  • URL:http://gh-canoa.com/
  • Season: Mid-May to late October
  • Hours:9:30 – 12:00/13:30 – 16:00 (about 2.5 hours)
  • Price:Adults 6,500 yen(Elementary school age 4,000 yen/younger children 2,000 yen)
  • Includes equipment rental, accident insurance and tax.
  • Minimum age:4 years (12 years and younger children must be accompanied by a guardian)
  • Session limit:8 people
  • Meeting place:Shop Canoa


A delightful lunch! Savor the blessings of the earth at Sweet Grass.
Its pride is its safe seasonal cuisine which you can eat with confidence.

During your journey, you stop for lunch at Sweet Grass where you can savor the blessings of the earth in the bosom of Mother Nature. Here locally procured fresh foods and seasonal agricultural products grown and harvested by Sweet Grass are used by its chef to proudly create cuisine its customers can eat with confidence. Its popular menu includes soft and creamy omelet rice, pork steak, and home-made cake made with plenty of Kimimaru eggs, a product of Eniwa.
Its menu includes so many seasonal dishes prepared with local products that you might have to visit more than once to try them all!

Sweet Grass
  • Inquiries:0123-32-0418
  • Address:20-1, Banjiri, Eniwa
  • Access:About 45 minutes by car from Lake Shikotsu
  • Business hours:11:00 – 17:00/Saturdays, Sundays, holidays 11:00 – 21:00
  • URL:http://sweet-grass.com/

Ecorin Village

A garden right out of a fairy tale! Start to explore Ecorin village to your heart’s content.♪
A fairy-tale garden that is a gift of nature, and of life.

Many surprises and discoveries await you on this vast 40-hectare site. Among them, Galaxy’Ginga’gardens is a fairy garden that presents stories of respect for and gratitude to nature based on 30 themes and is famed as a garden where fairies gather to dance. Galaxy’Ginga’gardens where, just like the glittering stars of the milky way, not only people, but flowering trees and plants and small animals brilliantly declare, “here we are”. As you walk through the garden, you might even meet your own fairy! On Animal Farm you can see alpaca and sheep up close. You can appreciate life and nature in Tomato Forest which has been recognized as growing the world’s largest tomato plants: one seed can produce more than 13,000 tomatoes.

Ecorin Village
  • Inquiries:0123-34-7800
  • Address:277-4, Makiba, Eniwa
  • Access:Approximately 40-minutes by car from Sapporo Station(On the Hokkaido Expressway)
  • Open season:Galaxy’Ginga’gardens and Animal Farm: late April to November 3
  • Open hours: Hours differ according to the season, so please check at the URL shown below.
    ※ Open hours differ according to the season.
  • Admission fees:Adults 1,200 yen/middle school age and younger 600 yen(Up to 5 people of middle school age and younger accompanied by 1 adult: no admission fee) / 65 years of age and older:1,000 yen
  • Parking area: available
  • URL http://www.ecorinvillage.com/

Arrival at Sapporo

Only one day brought you such delight! Why don’t you come and enjoy some of these delightful attractions this weekend?