Advanced Course Advanced Course A Scenic Ride

A long ride at the top of Japan.

To Cape Soya, the cyclist's dream...Wakkanai is famous for being the northern tip of Japan.
It's quite busy with tourists headed for Cape Soya or Rishiri and Rebun, two outlying islands.

A long ride at the top of Japan.

A long ride at the top of Japan.

Speed down the beautiful, 380km coastal road known as the Ororon Line to the top of Japan: Cape Soya. This route takes you from one essential Hokkaido sightseeing spot to the next, from Cape Ogon and its magnificent sunsets, to the beautiful "Rishiri Fuji" Mt. Rishiri, designated important cultural asset Old Hanada Watch House, and more. And with local sweets and fresh seafood as well, this could well be Cycling Tourism's ultimate Golden Route!


  • ■Depart Asahikawa Airport - Arrive Wakkanai
  • ■3-days, 2-nights
  • ■Accommodations: Lake Shumarinai / Nakagawa-cho
Riding Distance
Approx. 367km
Required Time
Approx. 10 hours 22 minutes
Asahikawa Airport (Higashi Kagura-cho)
  • Day 1.Asahikawa Airport
  • Asahiyama Zoo
  • Wassamu
  • Michi-no-Eki Ehon no Sato Kenbuchi
  • Lake Shumarinai
  • Day 2.Lake Shumarinai
  • Bifuka Sturgeon Center
  • Otoineppu
  • Michi-no-Eki Nakagawa
  • Nakagawa-cho
  • Day 3.Nakagawa-cho
  • Michi-no-Eki Teshio
  • Sarobetsu Genya
  • Otonruy Wind Turbines
  • Kohone-no-Ie
  • Cape Noshappu
  • Soya Fureai Park
  • Cape Soya
  • Wakkanai Port North Breakwater Dome
  • Wakkanai

Northern AreaSightseeing SpotsTourist Favorites!Must-See Spots

The Northernmost Point in Japan Marker

The Northernmost Point in Japan Marker

This cape is at the very top of the map of Japan, the furthest north tip. There is a marker reading "The Northernmost Point in Japan" at the end, and statues of Rinzo Mamiya and other monuments are scattered around. Illuminated at night, it's a mystical sight.

  1. 1The Northernmost Point in Japan Marker
    This monument stands at the end of Cape Soya, at 45°31′22″ north latitude. It was designed with a motif of one point of Polaris, integrating an N for north with a circular base representing peace and cooperation.
    The Northernmost Point in Japan Marker

    Directly ahead you can see the shape of the Sakhalin islands 43km away.

  2. 2Soya Hills
    This is a gently rolling hill country just before Cape Soya. The periglacial landscape was formed during the last ice age, and is designated part of Hokkaido's natural heritage. The area is also dotted with 57 wind turbines.
    Soya Hills

    The Northernmost White Road, covered with scallop shells.

The northernmost tip of Japan!
  • Enjoy marshland and unique onsens in Toyotomi.

    Located about 1 hour by car from central Wakkanai city, Toyotomi-cho is home to approx. 6700ha of wetland.

    1. 1Sarobetsu Genya Wetland
      The area is famous for being home to about 70 varieties of marsh plant. There's a 1km wooden walkway around it, perfect for observing nature.
    2. 2Toyotomi Onsen
      Toyotomi Onsen erupted along with natural gas during petroleum extraction. Ever since, people come from afar to treat dermatitis and other conditions in its waters. There are 5 inns in the onsen town area.
    Enjoy marshland and unique onsens in Toyotomi.
  • Horokanai, home to Japan's largest artificial lake.

    Horokanai, home to Japan's largest artificial lake.

    1. 1Lake Shumarinai
      This artificial lake is embraced by green nature, giving the lakeshore an almost Nordic feeling, and blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings. The lake has a different face for each season: in spring the water is almost overflowing, in the summer dry season it runs low, and in winter it freezes over completely.
      Lake Shumarinai
    2. 2Horokanai-cho Soba Fields
      The fields in town are covered in tiny white soba flowers from the end of July through mid-August. When you cruise down highway 237, it's as if a white carpet is spread over the earth all the way to the distant foothills, creating an enchanting view.
      Horokanai-cho Soba Fields

Let's Eat!Must Eat Treats!Famous Foods

Crab perfect for beachside boiling!

In the Sea of Okhotsk, you can catch Hair Crab, Red King Crab, Snow Crab and more. They all taste the best when you boil them fresh and kicking just off the boat. You can give them a try at restaurants in Wakkanai City.

Crab perfect for beachside boiling!
Crab perfect for beachside boiling!