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Hokkaido,the northernmost point in Japan, with four distinct seasons.
You'll feel the intense shifts in temperature during the four seasons, with spring lasting from March to May, summer from June to August, autumn from September to November, and winter from December to February. In spring, there will be days when you can wear a t-shirt in the daytime, but since the temperature can be low in the morning and at night, you'll need a long-sleeved jacket or sweatshirt to wear when it cools off. Don't forget to bring cold-weather gear in autumn and winter. The winter cold can be especially intense, so it's essential to thoroughly prepare yourself against it.
Of course, the climate can differ slightly from place to place within Hokkaido, so you should choose your clothing in accordance with the local conditions by checking the weather report before you go out.


Hokkaido, enveloped in the grandeur of nature. Countless flowers grow in the spacious and well-maintained parks and open areas, beautifully blooming to soothe those who look upon them.
We'll introduce some of the flowers which bloom, sometimes modestly and sometimes spectacularly, in Hokkaido's parks and open areas.
Access to flower spots

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Given the natural beauty and sheer expanse, transportation between cities is good. For trips inside the prefecture, we recommend selecting from a range of public transport options to suit your style, including railways, inter-city bus links and regular tourist bus services. Though winter is very snowy and cold, the public transport links are reliable and convenient. Weather permitting, inter-city rail and bus links have few delays and offer comfortable, smooth long distance travel.
Public transportation to various spots

Hot springs

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Hokkaido is blessed with magnificent natural scenery and has a large number of hot springs that have been widely loved since ancient times.
Visitors from abroad have increased in recent years, and hot springs are one of the things that draws them to Hokkaido along with the scenery, food, and snow.
A hot spring paradise even within Japan, Hokkaido has a rich variety of hot springs with many different qualities.
Hokkaido's unique nature and four seasons work in synergy in all of its hot springs to entice and heal the hearts and bodies of the many visitors to the prefecture.