Eastern Hokkaido Shiretoko & Abashiri Drift Ice 3 Day Trip


Memanbetsu Airport

Memanbetsu Airport is located in the Okhotsk region’s town of Ozora, and serves as a gateway to areas such as Abashiri and the Shiretoko Peninsula World Heritage Site. Embark on a journey to Abashiri and Shiretoko in search of the remarkable winter sight of drift ice!

Airport Shuttle Bus
Airport Shuttle Buses operate throughout the year. There are two routes: to Abashiri, and to Kitami.

Memanbetsu Airport ⇔ Abashiri Station

  • Required Time: About 26 minutes to Abashiri Station. About 35 minutes to Abashiri Bus Terminal.
  • Fare: 920 yen one way to Abashiri Station or Abashiri Bus Terminal
  • Buses per Day: Scheduled in connection with arriving and departing flights
  • Abashiri Bus: http://www.abashiribus.com/ (in Japanese only)

Abashiri Prison Museum
A Designated Important Cultural Property of Japan

Abashiri Prison is renowned as Japan’s northernmost prison. The Abashiri Prison Museum preserves eight of the original buildings in two compounds, which are designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan, and provides public access to these historical structures. The prison house was actually used at Abashiri Prison from 1912 to 1984, and is the world’s oldest and largest wooden prison building.
With a focus on topics such as conservation of the original Abashiri Prison buildings and the relationship between Hokkaido’s development and its prisons, this remarkable museum offers the chance to experience part of the history of Hokkaido’s development by observing historical buildings, participating in guided tours, and more.
You can also enjoy taking commemorative photographs dressed in inmate’s clothing, or even try the “secret meals” which replicate the lunches actually served to the inmates! (Please enquire.)

Abashiri Prison Museum
  • Inquiries:0152-45-2411
  • Address:1-1 Aza Yobito, Abashiri-shi
  • Transportation:About 10 minutes by Abashiri Bus from Abashiri Station. Disembark at Tentozan Iriguchi or Prison Museum bus stop.
  • Hours:9:00 – 17:00 (Oct – Apr) 8:30 – 18:00 (May – Sep)
  • Entry Fee:Adults 1,100 yen / University & High School 770 yen / Elementary or Junior High 550 yen
    * Internet discount vouchers available. Please see the website for more details.
  • Parking Available:(Free of Charge)
  • Website:https://www.kangoku.jp/multilingual_english/

Unforgettable Abashiri Gourmet!
Don’t miss the amazing seafood from the Sea of Okhotsk!

After experiencing history at the Prison Museum, enjoy a delicious dinner. Here in Abashiri, you will find a wide selection of wonderful local seafood from the Sea of Okhotsk. Let’s take a look at some local cuisine which features this prized seafood at its freshest and best!

◇Gourmet Seafood Dishes
When it comes to the very freshest seafood, simple is best! Abashiri is known for sushi, kaisen-don (sashimi rice bowl), robata-yaki (hearth-roasted dishes), and more. This port town offers countless opportunities to savor unforgettably fresh seafood!
◇Abashiri Moyoro-nabe Hot Pot
This hearty hotpot features some of Okhotsk’s most wonderful seafood, such as prized Okhotsk salmon, together with a style of fish paste dumplings which originated in Abashiri. This unforgettable combination of luscious ingredients is presented in a special Okhotsk ceramic hotpot, creating a true local gourmet experience.
This dish pays respect to the Moyoro people, a northern culture which suddenly vanished some 1,000 years ago. The fresh seafood ingredients lend their own natural stock to the salt-flavored soup. You’ll want to savor this hot pot down to the last drop!

For further details:
Abashiri Tourism Association https://www.abakanko.jp/en/

Stay the night in Abashiri