5 Unique Fall Sceneries in Hokkaido – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

There’s no question that Hokkaido is one of the best areas to enjoy natural scenery in Japan. Here, we’ll be introducing you to 5 of the most beautiful autumn sceneries that are unique to Hokkaido.

【Blue Pond in Biei】

Surrounded by a forest of bright reds, oranges and yellows, late October is when the Blue Pond in Biei looks as beautiful as ever. The mystical pond, known to transition between various shades of blue throughout the seasons, reflects the trees above and transforms into a diverse mix of fall colors during this time of the year.

As the season changes to winter, you can also see the pond covered in both the fall leaves and pure white snow.

■Best time to see the fall leaves: mid to late October

■Access: 20 minutes by car from JR Biei Station, or take the Dohoku Bus from JR Asahikawa Station to the Shirogane Blue Pond entrance


【Lake Onneto】

By the end of October, the weather in Hokkaido turns into one of cold Winter. Lake Onneto, known as the color-changing lake, is a beautiful shade of red and yellow due to the surrounding fall foliage that still remains during this time.

The best season to see the fall colors at Lake Onneto is early to mid-October.

■Access: About 1hr 15min from JR Obihiro Station *Transportation by car is recommended.

■Address: Moashoro, Ashoro, Ashoro District, Hokkaido

■Spot Introduction: https://en.visit-hokkaido.jp/what-to-do/lake-onneto

【Hakodate Meijikan】

Hakodate Meijikan was first built in 1911 as Hakodate’s post office.Today, it stands as one of the historical tourism spots in the city. In fall, the ivy that covers the outer walls changes colors, turning as red as the bricked building itself.

The old building is now a shopping mall, offering activities such as sandblasting and music box-making experiences.

■Best season to see the fall leaves: early to late October

■Access: about a 15-minute walk from Hakodate Station or a 5-minute walk from the Jujigai Station (Hakodate City Tram)


【Odori Park】

Odori Park in Sapporo is a place of relaxation that’s adored by many locals in Sapporo.  An oasis located amidst busy office buildings, Odori Park is home to over 4,700 trees that change in colors during autumn. Its calm atmosphere makes it a perfect spot to just see the scenery or hold events throughout the year. This season, the cool breeze is perfect for outdoor walks especially on sunny days.

■Best season to view the fall leaves: mid to late October

■Access: nearest stations are the Odori Station and Nishi juitchome Station

■Spot Introduction: https://en.visit-hokkaido.jp/what-to-do/odori-park

【Shirahige Waterfall】

The Shirahige Waterfall, named after its resemblance to a white beard, can be found at Shirogane Onsen in Biei. Below the waterfall runs the Biei River, colored a stunning cobalt blue by the volcanic minerals that flow into the water. In the fall, the red and yellow leaves add extra bright colors to the scenery, making it a must-visit location for those in the area around mid- to late October.

■Best time to see the fall scenery: mid-October

■Access: About 10 minutes by car from JR Biei Station or take the Dohoku Bus for 30 minutes to Shirogane Onsen

■Location: Shirogane, Biei

■Spot Introduction: https://en.visit-hokkaido.jp/what-to-do/shirahige-waterfalls