Hokkaido: Japan’s Northern Frontier – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Interviewing Casey: the main cast of this new feature film, which tells the story of a travelers journey to Hokkaido in both the winter and summer seasons.

Casey, who plays the main character of the film, at Shirahige Waterfalls, backed by the pure white snowscape of the Daisetsu mountain range, where temperatures commonly falls to around -15℃ in the winter months.

 In the pure white snowscapes of Hokkaido, I encountered precious experiences in the expanse of nature.

I remember the moment when I stepped out of the Asahikawa airport, and freezing air came into my lungs. As I went deep into the pure white world, a mixed feeling of excitement and calmness arose within me.


There is nothing like the experience of melting into the silence of nature.

 Do you know how quiet it becomes when you lie down in the middle of a snowfield? It is indescribably pleasant to be exposed to the expanse of nature and just do nothing, but there are also a lot of places to visit, too. 

Magnificent views of Daisetsu mountain range from the Pyramid Shaped Observatory on the Northwest Hill.

 Shirahige Waterfalls, Blue Pond, Mild Seven Hills, and more. If you get tired, you can take a rest in a cafe, and reflect on what you’ve experienced on your journey. While watching the sunset, I thought that I’m really blessed to be able to come and see the winter scenery of Hokkaido.

Shirahige waterfall

Shirahige in Japanese means“white beard”. It’s named after its several narrow lines of waterfalls. In the winter, dozens of icicles form, revealing Shirahige’s winter form. If you are lucky enough to go there in sunny weather, you can see the super pure blue water in the river as well as the massive landscape of the Daisetsu mountain range.

Mild Seven Hill

The hill got its nickname when it was used in a commercial shooting of the famous cigarette brand“Mild Seven”. Here you can enjoy the view of the sunset sinking behind larches, perched on a snowy hill. The dark shadows of the trees stretching out across the hill and the bright white beams of sunlight passing between the trees make for a spectacular contrast. You will forget that time is still passing, until the shadows reach out to touch your feet. 

Blue Pond

As the name describes, the pond is famous for its bright blue water. The unusual colour of the water is the result of the minerals contained in the water that scatter the sunlight, which reflects off the white gravel in the bottom of the pond. On winter nights, the frozen surface of the pond is lit up in blue lights, creating a gorgeous atmosphere. On fine night the sky fills with stars, and the lights sparkle as they reflect off of the falling snow. 


Turning back deep into the white, I found one thing true. The colors of life are certainly here. Come with us on a journey into the winter scenery of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island. 


Cast : Casey 

Producer:Masashi Nozaki 

Director & Cinematographer: Christoph Gelep 

Executive Producer:Keiko Kawabata

Drone Operator : Kazuya Tsutsui ( Aerial Japan inc.) 

Photographer:Nik van der Giesen 

Coordinator : Atara Minami 

Production : Le fleuve