Instagrammable Cafes in Hokkaido vol. 1 – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Ningle Terrace

Located in the forest of the New Furano Prince Hotel, Ningle Terrace is a popular spot where you can enjoy shopping amid nature. The Terrace is believed to have been the birth home of mythical folklore creatures native to the Hokkaido region, known as “little people.” Today, Ningle Terrace welcomes visitors to its 15 log cabins where original handcrafted goods are sold. It’s a great place for souvenir shopping!
When walking deep into the forest, there is a coffee shop called The Forest’s Clock, which appeared in an episode of the popular TV series Yasashii Jikan in 2005. As in the series, travelers can pick their own coffee beans to grind. You’ll see many fans of the show coming here. The coffee shop smells heavily of coffee and customers can enjoy their cup of joe with a delicious slice of cake.
Also, the woods are just magical! Even those who might not be familiar with the TV series can immerse themselves in the story by visiting the site. The green scenery in the summer and powdery landscape in the winter are soothing and beautiful.

Inside the New Furano Prince Hotel, Nakagoryo, Furano, Hokkaido
From Asahikawa Station, Take the Lavender 1 city bus to New Furano Hotel. It takes about 2 hours. There are eight departures per day. / From Sapporo Station, take the train until Furano Station (change at Takikawa Station half-way). From there, take the Lavender 1 city bus to New Furano Hotel.
12 pm-8:45 pm, open year-round. Business hours might change based on the season.

Hakodate’s scenic café, Tea Shop Yuhi

The most beautiful spot to experience the setting sun in Hakodate is without a doubt the Foreign Cemetery, located on the west side of the city. The sun sinking slowly beneath the horizon, its warm orange glow reflecting off of the ocean water is truly a sight to behold! When you visit Hakodate, why not visit Tea Shop Yuhi, where you can enjoy a relaxed evening sipping a cup of fragrant Japanese tea as you watch boats entering and leaving the harbor?
Originally built in 1885 to serve as a quarantine station, this building was re-opened as a Japanese-style tearoom in October 2014. Inside the teashop, five tables are positioned beside large windows facing out towards the ocean. Through the café’s wide windows you can see the ocean gleaming dazzlingly during the day, and if you wait until the sun sets in the evening you will see the sun cast a glow of orange light upon the surface of the sea as it sinks majestically beneath the horizon. If you want to escape from the noise of the popular sightseeing spots for a moment, we can think of no better place!

10 am – Sunset, closed on Thursdays, the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, winter period(start of December until mid-March)
A 3-minute walk from Hakodate Bus stop “Funamicho”, 15-minute walk from the last stop “Hakodate Dock-mae” on the tram

Doremo LeTAO: Chitose location

LeTAO is known for its delicious cheesecakes, but in Chitose, you can indulge in the ultimate airy-melty pancakes (and more) at café and shop Doremo LeTAO.
These famous pancakes are exclusive to this Chitose location. In addition to plain pancakes, customers can also opt for strawberry or tiramisu flavors. And of course, those treats make quite the Instagram post! Their incredible smoothness makes these a perfectly hearty lunch. Other menu items include beef stroganoff and pasta.
There’s one more point of interest you might want to check out at Doremo LeTAO: its spacious dining room and large windows. Look onto a beautiful landscape that you can only see in Hokkaido.

*Business hours have been shortened. (Usually, open until 6 pm)
Shops: 10 am – 5 pm/ Café: 11 am – 5 pm (L.O. 4:30 pm)
14-minute walk from JR Chitose Station
6-1-1 Asahi, Chitose, Hokkaido

The Bird Watching Café

Have a cup of coffee or lunch at the company of a variety of wild birds chirping outside the window at The Bird Watching Cafe in Chitose! The cafe welcomes you with a display of photographs, making you feel as if you’ve just entered a gallery. The large window facing the forest outside allows you to gaze at the open sky as small birds come to rest on the tree branches nearby. You can usually see the Long-tailed Tit, famous for its cute looks.
For those who are more serious about bird-watching and photography, the Photo Cafe space is available for you to take photographs up-close while staying camouflaged.
It’s a place where you can witness wildlife at a close distance while maintaining peace with nature.

10 minutes from JR Chitose Station by car or from JR Chitose Station, board the bus going to Shikotsu-ko and arrive at Katsura Hospital Stop, a 1-minute walk
90-26 Rankoshi, Chitose, Hokkaido
Summer (April~September): 10 am – 5:30 pm, closed on Tuesdays / Winter (October~March): 10 am – 5 pm, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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