Places You Can’t Miss in Hokkaido This June vol. 1 – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

5 minutes of a dream-like flight through Niseko’s sky

Start the day off right by looking at the panoramic view of Niseko from the sky.
View a full 360-degree panoramic view of Niseko 30 meters above the ground in a hot air balloon. The 5 minutes is not just flying in the sky, but seeing a dream-like view of the entire town of Niseko right under your nose as well as the far Mount Yotei which is also called Ezo Fuji. Depending on the pilot and weather conditions you may even get to fly into a sea of clouds! We get excited just thinking about it! How about waking up early to make the memory of a lifetime of spending your time in the sky alongside the rising sun?

2 Higashiyama Niseko, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido Former Niseko Horse Riding Village Area
All Saturdays and holidays during the period of Jun 6th – Sep 13t (Every day from July 23rd to August 31st)
6:30 am
*Busy periods may be changed to 6 am.
*Service may be suspended due to harsh weather conditions.

A location that has combined a cafe and onsen

A cafe where you can spend an entire day there for just 1,000* yen?! Today we are going to be reporting on a cafe x onsen combination that has one of the best value for money on the entire of Hokkaido.
If you’re visiting Ashibetsu which is recognized as both a town renowned for its starry skies as well as an area that has very relaxing hot springs, then we’re sure you won’t want to go home without experiencing this starry sky whilst bathing in an open-air bath. “Ofuro Cafe Hoshi Yukan” has a type of hot spring that contains water that is said to be very good for the skin due to it helping the skin retain moisture (bihada no yu) and is very popular with women. After warming up your body, you can relax with a glass of freshly ground coffee and a magazine or comic from a selection of over 5,000. Relaxing surrounded by nature is just another luxury and experience offered by Hokkaido♪
*The price displayed is for a free time plan without tax included. (Weekdays ¥950, weekends and holidays ¥1050)

1 Asahimachi Yuya Ashibetsu, Hokkaido
6 am – 10 pm
20 minutes via the kirakira bus “Ashibetsu Onsen Iki” from JR Ashibetsu Station.

A pink world surrounded by moss phlox

Welcome to the 360-degree pink world! Located 50 minutes by car from Abashiri, Higashimokotoshibazakura Park has over 100,000 square meters of the area covered in pink moss which blooms from the middle of May to the start of June.
This dream-like 360-degree pink world would be a waste to look at from just ground level. Over at the Yamatsumi Shrine which has a pink-colored Shinto shrine archway you can use the viewing platform to see a gradation of various pink colors. You should definitely try the Shibazakura ice cream which is available for a month when the pink moss is blooming throughout the Shibazakura Festival and has a taste that simply screams spring.

393 Higashimokotosuehiro Ozora, Abashiri-gun, Hokkaido
8 am – 5 pm
45 minutes from JR Abashiri Station by bus “Higashimokoto (In front of bus company)” and then 5 minutes by taxi

A mine where the smell of sulfur drifts through

Mount Io (atosanupuri​ in Ainu language), which is located in Teshikaga, is a 512m high volcano that even now has high volcanic activity. You are able to see crystallized sulfur as well as furamole and the eruption of smoke up close, and even the remains of a mine which was created in the Edo period of Japan at the base of the mountain and a 100-hectare field called Tsutsujigahara which is filled with white flowers.
After exploring and enjoying the Mount Io mine, you can take a trip to the Mount Io Rest House where you are able to eat their standard meal of onsen tamago (egg slow-boiled so that the yolk is hard but the white is still soft (traditionally cooked in a hot spring)​. The eggs are so famous they are said to sell over 1000 in a single day, we’re sure anyone would want to try this popular dish!
*You can only enter when accompanied by a recognized guide on the trekking tour.

Kawayu Teshikaga, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido
20-minute walk from JR Kawayuonsen Station

The perfect cup of coffee at a coffee factory

A cafe where you get the feeling you’re inspecting the factory?! Plantation used to be a boiler factory before being renovated, now, on the first floor you are greeted by a huge roasting machine and countless bags filled with piled up coffee beans, whilst on the second floor, you have a large cafe space which is filled with the smell of freshly roasted coffee.
The shops leading coffee is an original blend amongst many other locally roasted variations. Space is filled with slightly dimmed lighting and antique furniture, allowing for a very relaxed atmosphere where you can drink a delicious cup of coffee and admire the specifics of the space. The shop-limited Morihiko-san Coffee Jelly Parfait is another amazing product that has a perfect blend of both sweet and bitter flavors.

2-1-32 Kikusui 8, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
11 am – 6 pm(Winter)
10-minute walk from Sapporo Kikusui Station

If you’re someone who wants to get likes on their SNS accounts, the amazing spots we are going to introduce to you today are timeless!

We have carefully selected 8 different sightseeing locations which have had great responses from all of our readers as well as locals who know everything there is to know about Hokkaido. Fields of flowers, fields of snow, panoramic views, artful and calming photogenic sights, the next spot which will take the social media world by the storm could be on this list? Take a look at these spots which will never get old no matter how long you look at them!

Location List
– Various places around Hokkaido “Lavender”

– Shakotan District “Cape Kamui”

– Biei “Shirahige Waterfall”

– Otofuke “White birch trees”

– Sapporo “Hill of the Buddha”

– Biei “Shirogane Blue Pond”

– Kamikawa “Daisetsuzan Sōunkyō”

– Shikaoi “Shikaribetsu igloo village”

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