The Red Brick Building will be closed from October 1 due to renovations – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Renovation of the Red Brick Building

The former Hokkaido Government Office Building (the Red Brick Building) is one of Hokkaido’s historical buildings and has been designated as one of the nation’s important cultural assets. 50 years have passed since its restoration in 1968, and the deterioration of the building has been progressing dramatically. Taking 2018 (the 150 year anniversary of the island being renamed Hokkaido) as a turning point, a large-scale renovation will be conducted in order to preserve the historic value of the Red Brick Building, a precious asset passed down from our ancestors that we also hope to pass onto future generations.

Outline of Renovations
The renovation is planned to repair and preserve the building, make the building more earthquake-resistant, and adopt a more “barrier-free” design.

The renovation will begin in October 2019 and is projected to be finished by 2022.

For information regarding renovations to the Red Brick Building, please contact:
Facility Management Group, Administrative Division, Department of General Affairs, Hokkaido Government

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