The White Country: Rediscover the Allure of Hokkaido’s Winter Months in this New Short-Film – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Adventure into the heart of Hokkaido’s winter, where there’s beauty to be found everywhere you turn! From pure white landscapes to majestic snow-capped mountains, and vast frozen lakes which glitter like crystals in the morning sun; we never fail to find inspiration in the great nature which surrounds us.

Self-identified “Parisian in Tokyo”, Creative Planner and Producer Klara Blanc, taking inspiration from Hokkaido’s natural beauty.
Klara explores the snow-covered port city of Otaru, taking in the scenery of Otaru Canal.

It’s Hokkaido’s inspirational winter scenery and ever-warm hospitality which takes center stage in this new promotional video, showing that for those who venture away from the bustling city center of Sapporo, there is so much more of Hokkaido waiting to be discovered.



What will you discover on your next journey into Hokkaido’s snow-white winter?


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