Three Short Movies: The Unchanging Beauty of Hokkaido and Its Current Situations – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Hokkaido is a place of abundance; beautiful nature, delicious local food, the best hotels and onsen, and much more. More than anything, the welcome atmosphere and hospitality is what makes Hokkaido lovers coming back for more. However, it’s been difficult to visit as the spread of COVID-19 and travel bans continue. Here, we’ve visited and explored the northernmost island of Japan to find out about the current situation in tourism and what’s waiting for visitors after the pandemic.

The Current Situation at Hokkaido Activities and Resorts

In 2020, Hokkaido’s hotels and winter activities had a significantly lower number of visitors, both from within the country and abroad. An interview at the Prince  Grand Resort Furano and Lake Kanayama Smelt Fishing show us what they have been doing to take precautions against COVID-19 infections, and that visitors are always welcome when it’s safe to travel.


10 of the Best Food in Hakodate

This video will take you around the city of Hakodate, a popular place for enjoying some of the best food in Hokkaido. Take a virtual trip and also some notes to plan which restaurants and cafes you would want to try!


Timeless Beauty

~Experience Hokkaido’s breathtaking moments of eternity~

Eastern Hokkaido is where you can find many of the breathtakingly beautiful and famous winter sceneries which are representative of the prefecture. Whether you want to try walking on the frozen ocean waters at Notsuke Peninsula, or cruise through drift ice on an ice-breaker ship, there’s a unique experience for everyone. Get out and explore the timeless natural beauty of Eastern Hokkaido!


Spending time at a luxury hotel and enjoying winter activities, going on a gourmet  trip to Hakodate, and exploring the great outdoors of East Hokkaido are just a few of what you can really do in Hokkaidoーso what would you do on your next trip there?

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