Welcome to Hokkaido in July – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Cape Kamui

Known as Shakotan Blue, the waters of Cape Kamui in Hokkaido give Okinawa’s Kerama Blue a run for its money. This summer, come see these crystal clear waters! Between June and August, we recommend trying the unidon (sea urchin rice bowl), which is made from locally caught sea urchin.

The Catholic church Hakodate Motomachi and Hakodate Orthodox church

If you’re in Hokkaido, be sure to visit Hakodate which has an appeal truly distinct from other areas in the region. Take in the mixture of architectural styles, which include western architecture such as the Catholic Church Hakodate Motomachi and Hakodate Orthodox Church along with Eastern architecture like Higashi Honganji Temple and Gokoku Shrine.

The town of Biei

The town of Biei in Hokkaido is a popular photo spot on Instagram due to sights like the Shirogane Blue Pond and Shikisai-no-oka. The area is also home to Restaurant Asperges in Biei SENKA, which offers meals and desserts made from specially selected local ingredients. Visitors will be delighted to find that the restaurant is within walking distance from Biei Station. This is a good place to look for souvenirs as well!

The gondola in Niseko

The Gondola in Niseko, Hokkaido is not just limited to the winter season! We also recommend you ride the gondola in early summer when the weather is nice and sunny. Basking in Hokkaido’s clear blue skies, you can get a new perspective on the surrounding wilderness which stretches out as far as the eye can see. This year the gondola is open from Saturday, July 13 to Monday, September 23 (a holiday). Be sure to check your Japan travel calendar!


The Lake Toya Ranch

Another way to get a new perspective on Hokkaido’s wilderness is via horseback. The Lake Toya Ranch offers beginners a chance to ride with peace of mind, offering thorough instruction on riding techniques. It’s a great new way to enjoy Hokkaido!


Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO

Lake Akan is famous for the Kushiro Marsh and marimo algae. Visitors to the region often center their travels around Kushiro. If you stay in this area, you have to visit Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO. The area offers a chance to enjoy fresh fish unique to Hokkaido prepared in various styles—; all at a reasonable price.


Abashiri Phlox Park

The phlox flowers here are known for their vivid pink color. The endless fields of flowers create a dreamlike environment that you’re sure to enjoy. Visit Abashiri Phlox Park in Hokkaido’s Abashiri region between mid-August to early September to see this wonder for yourself!