Your ways to enjoy autumn in Hokkaido this October vol. 2 – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

 A golden tunnel at Hokkaido University!?

Located within walking distance of Sapporo Station, the Sapporo Campus of Hokkaido University is a popular tourist destination all year round, but in autumn is when it really shines.
From late October through early November, 70 ginkgo trees on both sides line one of the university avenues, turning it into a golden tunnel, pleasing its visitors with a 360-degree exquisite view.  Konyōsai (The Golden Leaves Festival) is held on a weekend in October when the leaves are at their most vivid. The tree-lined landscape gets colorfully illuminated at night time, which makes it a must-see photo spot for people both inside and outside the prefecture.
Visit the campus during the festival to take in the sight of this gorgeous tunnel. Try visiting on the days when vehicles are restricted if you want to enjoy strolling freely through the nature-filled campus.

5-7 Chome, Kita 13 Jonishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
About 4 minutes on foot from Hokkaido Subway Kita-12-Jo Station

Café overlooking Naitai plateau ranch

Freshly brewed! The Naitai Terrace is a newcomer to the café scene, having opened its doors in June 2019. Its location is quite the sight to behold, being located on top of the 800-meter high Naitai Plateau Ranch in eastern Hokkaido.
Through the large windows is an idyllic view of the Tokachi Plain, one of the largest cattle pastures in the country 2000 cows roam and graze in freedom, spreads out towards the horizon below you. This café and eatery let you pamper yourself, whether in the spacious indoor seating area or in the open-air terrace, by savoring some of the regional delicacies refined by high-quality Hokkaido ingredients.

128-5 Kamiotofuke, Kamishihoro-cho, Kato-gun, Hokkaido
9 am – 5 pm (from late April to late October) (partial English translation available)

Blessings of the ocean: fresh uni and dazzling drift ice

We know how you are. You want the best of everything for your trip. That’s why when you go to the Shiretoko area, you should stop at Café & Bar GVO.
Founded by a fisherman that specializes in catching uni (sea urchin, pronounced /oo-nee/), this cool mix of a music venue, café, and bar is also a haven for those seeking a plethora of delicious uni dishes. From pasta in an uni-tomato sauce to curry and uni and rice, the owner uses only uni he caught himself to make a countless number of creative dishes.
But for a very special treat, try visiting Café & Bar GVO during winter! Kick back in some of the window seating to look out over the Sea of Okhotsk and watch the northern drift ice drift on by (we know this is an autumn guide, but we couldn’t resist sliding this in). So whether it’s the creamy uni on your plate, the occasional live music performances by the owner, or the rare drift ice over the ocean, Café & Bar GVO is a feast for all of your senses tucked away in Shiretoko National Park.

91-5 Utoro West, Shari-cho, Shari-gun, Hokkaido
11 am – 2:30 pm and 6 pm – 11 pm (open only from 1 September to late March the following year)
*Lunchtime last order: 2 pm
*Bar last order: 10:30 pm
about 40 minutes by car from JR Shiretoko Shari Station (Japanese only, but take a sec to check out the photos of this cool place!)


Lavender, a symbol of Hokkaido

When you’re talking about touring around Hokkaido, one of the first things to come to mind is probably lavender, right?
Here are some lavender spots that you absolutely HAVE to check out.

Flower spots
1.Nakafurano Choei Lavender Farm
Miyamachi 1-41, Nakafurano-cho, Hokkaido
About 10 minutes on foot from JR Nakafurano Station

2.Makomanai Takino Cemetery
Makomanai, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido|en)

3. Flower Land Kamifurano
27, Nishi-gosen-kita, Kamifurano, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido
Approx. 10 minutes by car from JR Kamifurano Station

4.Hinode Lavender Garden
27, Higashi-nisen-kita, Kamifurano, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido
About 15 minutes on foot from Kamifurano Station.

5. Farm Tomita
Kisen Kita 15-go, Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido

6. Yumekobo Sato
471-110 Bankei, Sapporo 064-0945, Hokkaido
Approx. 10 mins drive from Metro Tozai Line Maruyama Koen Station

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