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Hokkaido's Taxi

General Taxi

Taxies are available in cities like Sapporo, Asahikawa, Hakodate and Obihiro. You can easily catch a taxi at the airport, stations, and shopping centers. In small towns, a very little number of taxies are running on the street, so call for a one at the station or the convenience store.

Chartered Taxi (Jumbo Taxi)

Chartered taxi is the best option if you travel in a small group. If you go in a group, a jumbo taxi of minivan type is recommended, and the fare is reasonable. It might be good when you have big luggage. The chartered taxi is the best to enjoy sightseeing. It is also possible to take a fixed course or to customize it on your own. The fare may vary depending on the time and the course, so check it in advance. It must be nice to use a jumbo taxi to go sightseeing with your companion and to make a fantastic memory.

Taxi companies with foreign language websites

  • MID Traffic(English/Korean/Tranditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese)
    Course :Service is provided around Sapporo and the Chitose area. It provides a pickup service from/to New Chitose Airport.
  • Yohtei Taxi(CONTACT PAGE English)
    Course :It mainly operates within Niseko ,Rusutsu,and also provides pick up services from/to New Chitose Airport or major ski resorts.
  • Akan Taxi(English/Korean/Tranditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese)
    Course :It operates around the Tokachi and Eastern Hokkaido areas.

Hokkaido Guide Taxi

Taxi drivers, who are qualified tour guides, serve you on the tour. Some speak foreign languages (most of them can speak English) and can guide throughout Sapporo and its suburbs to make a great day trip. *Most of operators at taxi companies understand only Japanese. Therefore, please contact us via the front desk of your hotel.

*Please refrain from making last-minute cancellation.