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Airlines with Direct Flights

The following airline companies offer direct flights to Hokkaido.

* Listed information is as of Jan,2020.

Ferry to Hokkaido

Wakkanai – Korsakov

5 hours and 30 minutes
Specified Day
Heart Land Ferry

Passport and Visa

Passport is necessary to enter Japan. Visa may be necessary depending on the country and applied regulations. It's not necessary if you stay only for a certain period for the purpose of travel or business.

"Visa Information" , Japan National Tourism Organization

Entering the Country / Customs House

When entering into Japan, you first go through the immigration procedures and customs control at the airport. The immigration procedure is carried out at the counter of the arrival airport. Counters are divided into "Japanese" and "foreigners", so please stand in a raw for foreigners. When your turn comes, please submit your passport, the embarkation card, the customs declaration to the examiner. You may be asked the length and the purpose of your stay, so please prepare to answer those questions. This process is completed unless there is any problem. For a longer stay, you may be asked about the returning ticket, your money, your staying place. As the immigration procedure is completed, you'll go on to the customs declaration. Please present the customs declaration form and your passport. Your bag may be inspected. You'll be cleared if there is no problem.

"Customs" , Japan National Tourism Organization