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Access by JR/Flights

* Listed information is as of Jan,2020.

Access by flights

Access to Hokkaido (Airlines)

Main access by JR trains

  • Hokkaido Rail Pass

    The Hokkaido Rail Pass, available only to foreign tourists, is a great way to travel across Hokkaido at a reasonable price. This pass allows unlimited rides on JR trains with Hokkaido, as long as it is within the valid period.

    • 3-Day Pass: Adults ¥17,400
    • flexible 4-day:Adults ¥23,480
    • 5-day: Adults ¥23,480
  • JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass

    This rail pass provides you with unlimited rides on the JR East Japan and JR Hokkaido trains, within the designated free area. It will even allow you to board the Hokkaido Shinkansen!

    • Flexible 6-Day Pass: Adults ¥2,6900
Access to Hokkaido (JR train)