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Accommodations in Hokkaido

What types of accommodation would you like? A wide variety of lodging facilities are available in Hokkaido like in other areas in Japan. Services, facilities, and prices vary, and you can stay in your own style.


Hotels in Hokkaido provide the same services as those in Europe and the United States do,

and you can find many in urban areas. Since there are different ranks of hotels in Hokkaido, you can choose one on your budget or preference. You also see many chain hotels operated all over Japan and around the world.

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Ryokan and Hot Spring Inn

A Japanese-style inn is a good choice if you’d like to feel the Japanese culture.

They accommodate you in a Japanese-style building and Japanese-style rooms. Large hot spring bathes are often available at those inns. You’ll feel the Japanese-style hospitality, and please enjoy the different atmosphere from the daily life.

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Accommodations with Private Openair Hot Spring

Do you prefer a more private experience?

These rooms offer private open-air baths for you to relax in luxury and privacy.

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Youth Hostels

You may want to stay at a youth hostel

f you’d like to enjoy an inexpensive trip to Hokkaido like a backpacker. While you’ll need to put dishes and bedclothes away by yourself, you can exchange information about the trip with other guests in an open atmosphere.

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