Fully Enjoy Champagne Powder Snow!
Enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other attractions, including playing with snow in the great nature, besides a drift ice watching tour that you can only experience in winter in Hokkaido.


Niseko, Furano, Sapporo, etc.

A winter sports mecca - Hokkaido, Japan

Located in northern Japan, Hokkaido is a winter sports mecca. Experience skiing or snowboarding in the finest-quality powder snow, and you're sure to be hooked.

Skiing in Niseko

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From New Chitose Airport
By Bus: From New Chitose Airport to Niseko Approx 3 hours 15 minutes by Ski Bus" White liner" bus (only in winter)
From Sapporo
By Bus: From New Chitose Airport to Niseko Approx 3 hours 15 minutes by Ski Bus" White liner" bus from New Chitose Airport (only in winter) 3 hours 30 minutes (only in winter)
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Drift-ice walking


Exciting activities that can only be experienced in the drift-ice season

Drift ice can often be seen in the Okhotsk Sea in northeastern Hokkaido from late January through early March. In Abashiri and Shari, which face the Okhotsk Sea , "drift-ice walking" activities are available, in which participants wear dry suits to crawl around on the ice, and plunge into the sea to float around with the floes.

Drift-ice walking

Shari-cho, Shari-gun, Hokkaido
About 45 minutes by JR from JR Abashiri Station. Get off at JR Shiretoko- Shari Sation. 1 hour by bus from the bus terminal.
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Bird Watching


The red-crowned crane, representative bird of Kushiro Wetlands ─
This is a precious bird designated as a protected species and is characterized by the red accent on the crown of its head. 180 or more red-crowned cranes gather in Tsurumidai and Otowa Bridge every day in January and February, where you can see a nostalgic scene in which they sit elegantly or take off. These beautiful birds living with people in the greatness of nature attract visitors.

Red-crowned cranes in Kushiro Wetlands

Shimosetsuri Minami, Tsurui-mura, Akan-gun, Hokkaido
By Bus: 50 minutes by bus from Kushiro Station.Get off at the stop "Tsurumidai".
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Pond-smelt fishing

Even beginners can try for a big catch in this winter-only fishing activity

In some places, the season begins in early January and lasts until mid-March, during which time people flock to the frozen lakes to enjoy fishing. Among the countless fishing sites, many provide bait and tackle, enabling visitors to enjoy fishing without having to bring their own equipment.

Schedule:Early January - Mid March