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Tourist sights

Sapporo · Jozankei areaYumoto Kogyuu

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

Nature spreads before the spacious outdoor bath, bathing while watching the views of the dark green, autumn leaves, Yukimi and the four seasons. Tsuto-yu is also awesome, with its own sense

Scenic natural springs thrown in history for over a century

Koeng hot springs watched over the large trees of 700 years old Katsura with a trunk length of 10 meters or more and familiar as a hot spring resort from ancient times. Hakureaku Hakuraku Hot Spring Quality "Simple Sulfur Spring" Take a hot spring of 100% source and relax in a serene atmosphere of Japanese modern theme. As a souvenir, we invite hot spring buns made at the shop every morning.

  • It is watched over the Katsura tree of age 700 years old famous as a power spot, and the Japanese modern building that got stuck makes you feel stately
  • In addition to a bathtub in a hot spring bath, a jacuzzi bath · a bath. Furthermore, the high temperature sauna is full of mist sauna and facilities. There is ample wash space
  • A rental house where you can unwind comfortably with a family or friends in the bath. In a tatami room with a relaxed atmosphere, a conversation is also fascinated by the chef's proud meal


location South District, Sapporo City, Xiaojintang 25
contact 011-596-2111
Closed holiday · business hours Business hours: day trip bathing service 10: 00 ~ 23: 00 (entrance reception 22:00) No regular holiday
Price Adult (junior high school student or above) 750 yen · Child (over 4 years old) 400 yen
how to access Free shuttle bus from subway Makomanai station
Parking Lot There 150 cars · Free