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Toya · Noboribetsu · Hidaka areaTwenty-way Road Cherry Blossoms

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

Cherry blossoms with 3000 cherry blossoms blooming on a straight road with a total length of about 7 km. The name "twentieth" comes from the fact that the road width is twenty (36 m)

It is surrounded by cherry blossoms in full bloom by walking "flower tunnel". There are scattered spots to take away hearts of a woman in the surrounding area

Speaking of the twenty-way road cherry blossom trees, it is a familiar cherry blossom spot. Although it can be enjoyed even by running by car, after all it is recommended to take a walk at the parking lot and take a slow walk. At the side of the main street there is a narrow gravel road called "Flower tunnel", and you can soak in the world of fascinating cherry blossoms in a cherry blossom in a cherry blossom corridor that covers over from both sides. Also along the street, in addition to stone monuments such as "100 Ways of Japan's Way" and "100 Cherry Blossoms Sakura", a monument of "Hokkaido Heritage" will also be set up. Why do not you explore history together with historic monuments such as "Monument of Prostitution" and you to historical building?

  • Cherry blossoms covering up like looking up. Enjoy a delicious walk with a cherry tree tunnel that goes over 300 meters
  • Shinhidaka cho is the best thoroughbred production place in Japan. On the Okamura Maiko Park (Ohai Horse Park), stone monuments of a successful horse such as Tesco Boy's bronze statue line up
  • "Ryunkaku" at the northern end of the twenty-way road (completed in 1823) is a lodging house (accommodation) where the royal family was used. Since the cherry blossom festival is open to the public for a limited time only,


location Shinhisakicho Shizui Tahara, Shizunai Misono
contact 0146-43-2111
Closed holiday · business hours Always entrance * Opening of the cherry blossom festival in the venue closed at around 18 o'clock
Price free entrance
how to access From Hokkaido Expressway / Tomakomai East IC to Hidaka Expressway / Hidaka Kadetsu IC to National Route 235. Shinhisakamachi Shizunai City 6 km from the road No. 71 to the entrance of a row of trees
Parking Lot There 30 units · Free * Sakura Festival Period 800 units
Other From the end of April we post flower information as still images on our website. Please search by "Voice of Ezo Yamazakura". It was during the Meiji 36 that chimina was equipped with twenty roads. It was created as a road for the imperial people to observe the New Crown Ranch Farm (current livestock breeding center new winning farm) under the jurisdiction of the Miyauchi province. It was Taisho 5th year that cherry trees were planted. It is said that ranch staff at the time got transplanted Ezo Yamazakura etc. from neighboring mountains over the course of 3 years