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Sapporo · Jozankei areaLongevity and health foot bath (hot spring)

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

The pebbles laid in the bottom of the bathtub will better irritate the sole

I sprinkle foot footprints while immersing in foot bath. Ah ~ Feel good!

On the site of Jozankei, a free facility "Longevity and health foot bath" located next to Iwato Kannondo, pebbles are spread over the bottom of the bathtub, and devised so as to be able to stimulate a pot on the sole of the foot It has been. There are signboards that explain the foot crucible in detail in the facility, so conscious of the point of foot sole with reference as to where to stimulate! I feel comfortable by pushing it gently.

  • Once immersed your body gets sharp. Why do not you stop by a stroll in the spa town?
  • Because there are also many crowds, let's sit on the bench of the East house after giving up.


location Sapporo City Minami-ku Jozankei Onsen 3-chome West
contact 011-598-2012 (Jozankei Tourism Association)
Closed holiday · business hours No regular holiday Opening hours / 7: 00-20: 00 (except cleaning days)
Price free
how to access Ticket bus "Yu no Town" stops immediately
Parking Lot There 2 private parking spaces - free, 30 public car parks - free
Other Fountain quality / sodium chloride fountain