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Tourist sights

Sapporo · Jozankei areaJozankei Bussan Museum

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

The specialty "Yunosato hot spring manju" is a homemade hot spring manju with a moist mochi texture. Every morning, I make it in the store in the store

I have to go out in the morning to sell out! Homemade "homemade hot spring manju"

There are people visiting this souvenir store many times a year. The best aim is "homemade hot spring manju". Moisturised, characterized by tanned skin, sweetness is discreet. It is very popular and sometimes sold out in the morning. "Wormwood manjuu" can be sold out soon, so if you have it is a must eat. And since I came to Jozankei hot spring so much, I really want you to challenge, make a hot spring egg in Genji Park. Bought a raw egg with net and hang it on the source, and try to taste the freshly made fish.

  • From classic souvenirs, we also deal with unusual items such as original goods, handmade ceramic art, Yamano grass, alpine plants
  • There are lots of items of Jozankei character "Kappa"! Straps, mascots, figurines, cushions and so on, perfect for souvenirs
  • Adjacent "Hidamari tea ceremony" is a Japanese style cafe with a hearthside end. Take a break at a set of coffee and homemade buns (350 yen)


location Sapporo City Minami-ku Jozankei Onsen West 4-343
contact 011-598-2178
Closed holiday · business hours Opening hours: 8: 00-21: 00 No regular holiday
how to access 1 hour 10 minutes by bus from Sapporo station · "Town of Jozankei Yu" in front of bus stop
Parking Lot There 4 cars · free
Other Founded in a long-established store called Taisho 15 years old