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Sapporo · Jozankei areaHoneymoon Onsen

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

Looking up at the stars from the outdoor bath in the evening, the lighting up of trees emerges in the dark with steam It is a wonderful feeling

Did you know that hot springs also have "freshness"? Take a real source

The source that got from the ground does not dilute, it does not boil it, it can not enter the tank, the moment when it is poured directly into the bathtub for the first time the air. It is exactly "fresh" source 100% sprinkling. Smooth hot water known as "Hot water for beautiful skin", bath tub and shower are all sources. Enter slowly into a lukewarm street, please take full bath water and polish your skin. And taste authentic North Indian cuisine at "ONSEN dining room". Curry and freshly baked naan, homemade Haskurp juice and lassi are also popular.

  • The source that is always overflowing from the inner water creates a mellow pot that can be said to be artistic throughout the floor. There is no chlorine because it does not circulate filtration
  • Curry "Curry of eggplant and tomato" (with naan) (800 yen) with the eggplant baked in a tandoori pot in a tomato base rou
  • The name "Shimane no yu" named from Unshinzan, which is far away. It is an open-air bath with a spacious and open feeling that you can enjoy the different seasons


location Jozankei 608-2 Minami-ku Sapporo city
contact 011-598-2410
Closed holiday · business hours Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 22: 30 (last reception 21: 45) No regular holiday
Price Adults (more than middle school students) 1000 円, villains (3 ~ elementary schoolchildren) 500 円
how to access From Sapporo Station Bus Terminal, take the Joto Toritsu Bus "Toyohira Gorgeous Hot Spring Rail", 1 minute walk from Toyohira Gorge
Parking Lot There 200 cars · Free
Other ONSEN dining room / 90 seats, opening hours: Indian cuisine 11: 00 ~ LO 22: 00 Japanese cuisine 11: 00 ~ LO 21: 00 Hot Spring / Spring Quality: Sodium Calcium Bicarbonate / Chloride Fountain, Source Water Temperature 51.5 °, Three Outdoor Baths and Four Inner Baths Surrounded by Great Nature, There is a Makeup Room for Women. Original soap made with source and horse oil "Bubble with source" (310 yen ~) sold