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Area near Otaru and NisekoOtaru Canal and gas lamp

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

The total length of the canal is 1,140 meters, the width is 20 meters along the Road Road Lane Road, and the "North Lucky River" has a 40-meter old canal. You can see the scenery that the work ship moored and then retreat from that time

Immersed in a nostalgic atmosphere, to the canal of the night flickering gas lamp

There are stone warehouses that retain the old features, walking paths and streets reclaiming a part of the canal are citizens and a place for visitors to relax. On both sides of the canal are sightseeing spots such as stone warehouses and cafes and restaurants using old buildings. There are 63 gas lamps on the walking path, and when it gets sunset, a gas light of tasty light is lit and the warehouse street is lighted up. You can enjoy a different romantic atmosphere from daytime.

  • It is along the canal where many tourists crowd during daytime. In the evening, there are many ways to take a walk with a couple slowly. Gas lamp lights make gentle memories
  • The Otaru Canal is a port facility completed in 1912, over 9 years. At that time I was crowded with loading and unloading of loads from warehouse from the ship anchored in the harbor


location Otaru City port town
contact 0134-32-4111 (Otaru City Tourism Promotion Office)
how to access Approximately 8 minutes on foot from JR Otaru Station
Parking Lot None Paid parking lot nearby
Other Light-up of warehouse group: Dusk (fluctuate according to season) ~ 22: 30 Gas light: dusk (fluctuate according to the season) ~ 24: 00