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Tourist sights

Shiretoko · Abashiri · Monbetsu areaShibazakura of "Hisashimo Takosaki Park"

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

One slope of a mountain with a maximum altitude of 50 m is dyed in pink

Light up and fireworks into a fantastic garden!

Renewed as "Higashimoto Takosakura Park" in 2010. It is a shiba-zakura scenic spot of a size comparable to "Takigami Park." On the mountains where pink or white flowers bloom, you can see many scenic walkways and enjoy the scenery from various angles. A lot of tourists visit the "Shiba Sakura Festival" which lasts for about a month in accordance with the flowering of the flowers and enjoys various events. The one I want to check is "Shiba cherry light up" which is held in late May. The vivid pink color of Shibazakura emerging in the darkness is supposed to be fascinated by a fantastic atmosphere full mark.

  • Pink or white flowers draw contrast in a streak
  • Outdoor stage where stage festival events are held


location Ozora Town East Anniversary Suehiro 393
contact 0152-66-3111 (East Hoshizuki Park Co., Ltd.)
Closed holiday · business hours Opening hours: 8: 00-17: 00
Price Admission fee Adult (junior high school student or above) 500 yen, dwarf (elementary school student) 250 yen, free of preschool children
how to access Approximately 50 minutes by Abashiri Traffic Bus from JR Abashiri Station
Parking Lot There 1000 cars · Free