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Self Driving

An Endless Straight Road.....Such a Scene is a Reality in Hokkaido

The complicated coastlines, magnificent idyllic scenery, wide straight roads, green-colored mountains, different cultures and cities having the effect of now and past...everywhere you drive in Hokkaido, there is always an attractive route. If you are sick of daily traffic jams and too many traffic lights in cities, you will enjoy nice cruising in Hokkaido. Just be sure to follow the traffic regulations in Japan and don’t ruin your good memory of trip. Japan implements strict DUI and speed enforcement, so don’t forget to drive safely and have a wonderful driving experience in Hokkaido.

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Drive Hokkaido

Recommended Driving Routes

With Flowers? Or Chasing Cloud? Making your own driving routes, or just going along roads as you fee like is fun,but there are eight recommended routes called ‘Scenic Byway Hokkaido’, which are designated and recognized through both public and private agencies. These eight routes have full of attractions and you will definitely find your favorite route. Click here and go driving in Hokkaido!

Scenic Byway Hokkaido
Must-have Handbook for Driving in Hokkaido(e-book)
Must-have Handbook for Driving in Hokkaido(PDF)

Renting A Car

See Your Favorite Landscape In Your Favorite Car If you want to enjoy driving during your trip to Japan, you will need to rent a car. Car rental desks are usually located at airports, train stations and in big cities, which you will have no problem with finding. You can choose your car from a wide range of vehicle types including hybrid cars, which have been gaining much attention in recent years. A car navigation system is equipped with almost any types of cars and will lead you to your destination. Just to remember, you are required to have an International driver’s license with you when you rent a car, so make sure to prepare all the necessary documents before you leave for Japan.

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Roadside station

Roadside Station provide various services, make the drive more pleasant, and serve as windows on their local areas.

  • Free parking, clean restrooms, payphones
    *Around the clock at every roadside rest area
  • Staffed or automated information facilities
    *At every roadside rest area; hours vary by location
  • Shops selling local specialties
    *Not at all roadside station; hours vary by location
  • Snack shops, restaurants
    *Not at all roadside station; hours vary by location

Hokkaido has 100 roadside station. Each provides a unique window on its local area.

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