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Once They Eat Crabs, Japanese People Become Silent.

Japanese people love crabs. A large amount of crabs are landed in Hokkaido, drawing many people from outside of Hokkaido. They are fresh, delicious and relatively cheap in Hokkaido, and so you should have them. There are mainly four kinds of crabs in Hokkaido; hanasaki crab, hairy crab, snow crab, and king crab, and they all taste delicious. Hanasaki crab is valuable, as it can be landed only in the Nemuro region in a specific period of time.

“Hairy crab” has strong sweetness and steady texture. It’s usually boiled with some salt or broiled. The features of snow crab include elegant sweetness and sophisticated taste. “King crab” is characterized by its large size. It is called the kind of winter dishes because of its elegant and sweet flesh.

Everyone should shell crabs by oneself. This is why Japanese people become silent once they start eating crabs. Please put the shells in a bowl on the table. Please note that it is misbehavior to throw them away on the floor.