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Local Cuisine

All Are Unique! A Great Variety of Local Foods Are Here.

Hokkaido is called “kingdom of food”, and there are a lot of unique dishes. Such unique local foods are called “gotouchi gourmet” and bringing a boom.

In Central Area, “Bibai yakitori” in Bibai and “curry ramen” in Muroran are famous. In Dohoku area, “omu-curry” in Furano, “curry udon” in Biei and “ebi tako gyoza” in Haboro are popular. In Doto area, “shio yakisoba” in Kitami and “buta don” in Obihiro are well-known. It seems that new dishes are being created more and more in the future.

It’s cold in winter in Hokkaido, and people love hot pot dishes, too. There are a variety of hot pot dishes with different features. You’ll enjoy comparing different hot pot dishes. Please have “gotouchi gourmet” and enjoy Hokkaido.