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Mutton Barbecue

Local Specialties of Hokkaido

Genghis Khan is a food you shouldn’t forget in Hokkaido. You broil lamb or mutton with vegetables. There are roughly two ways to have Genghis Khan; either you broil the marinated meat or dip the broiled meat in sauce. The difference between mutton and lamb is in stages of growth. The sheep for mutton is two or more years after its birth, and that for lamb is less than 12 months after its birth. Mutton has a stronger smell, and connoisseurs usually love mutton better.

People in areas other than Hokkaido did not eat Genghis Khan up until now. However, it has become well-known as it’s not fatty and is now very popular among people in Tokyo. People in Hokkaido love Genghis Khan, and they eat it with their companion and their family. Another reason for its popularity is that Genghis Khan goes well with beer. Let’s eat Genghis Khan in Hokkaido!