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There are many ramen restaurants in Hokkaido. While many of them offer a variety of menu, there are 3 basic soup tastes; soy sauce, miso, and salt. Sapporo is one of the most famous sites. Miso is one of the Japanese soul foods, and the miso soup goes well with fat and curled noodles, making it rich taste. Ramen in soy sauce soup is famous in Asahikawa and Kushiro. This taste became popular as Japanese love soy sauce. Many ramen restaurants make their soy sauce soup with seafood soup in it, and it is delicious. As for salt taste soup, Hakodate is famous for it. Compared to the other 2 soups, the salt soup is unique in its light taste. Each shop has its own characteristic taste as this salt soup is very simple.

Besides these three soups, there is “Tonkotsu” originating in Kyusyu, and it has been becoming popular in Hokkaido. How many bowls of ramen would you like to try in Hokkaido?