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Restaurants and Bars

Restaurant and Diner

There are both Japanese and international foods in Hokkaido. They include French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Indian cuisines as well as fast food. Many of them are inexpensive.

Japanese-style pub (izakaya) and Local Specialties

Japanese-style bars expand the enjoyment of travel. The homely atmosphere and the coziness inside represent a casual and friendly aspect of Hokkaido. You’ll enjoy the food in a relaxing atmosphere. Even the shy Japanese people become sociable in these bars. You may make friends in these places…!!


Night Spots

It’s bright, attractive and energetic at night in Hokkaido. Please have enjoy the nightlife. Susukino in Sapporo is a center of nightlife entertainment and well-known all over Japan. It’s also nice to drink slowly at a bar and chat with the staff. Karaoke is another choice. There are a lot of bars and pubs where non-Japanese living in Sapporo gather. You may be able to get some information on travelling as well.