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Can You Resist “Sweets Temptation” of Hokkaido?

Sweets are delicious and make everyone happy. In Hokkaido, there are a lot of dairy products such as milk, butter and cheese, and a variety of sweets are made and consumed in Hokkaido. Whippy ice cream called “soft cream” is popular, and different tastes including fruits and vegetables are available. Many people travel to Hokkaido for this soft cream.

Of course, there are a variety of cakes, cookies and puddings as well. Above all, “white pudding” is popular, as it fits the image of the winter in Hokkaido. The image of “Hokkaido brand” is established all over Japan. Sweets in Hokkaido are delicious and sophisticated. It is best for souvenirs. Can you really win against “sweets temptation” ?