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Wine & Sake

Beer, Sake, Wine and Whisky ... Anything You Like!

There are a lot of types of alcohol in Hokkaido. First of all, Hokkaido is famous for its beer. The climate of Hokkaido and the high-quality hops produce good beer. Many beer manufacturing companies establish their factories in Hokkaido. As for beer brewery, visitors can go inside. Some factories have a restaurant where you can enjoy Genghis Khan with beer.

Another one is sake brewed from rice. Hokkaido is rich in pure water, and this is one of the crucial conditions to brew high-quality sake. There are many famous sake breweries, and they are called “kuramoto”. The delicate taste is a feature of sake. It goes well with any food, and please try it by all means.

There are also grape farms for wine and whisky breweries in Hokkaido. It is also possible to taste it. There are various kinds of alcohol in Hokkaido. Please make sure not to drink too much. Also, never drink when you drive as severe penalties are charged for drink-driving.