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Flower Land Hokkaido

Enjoy the Flowers covering Hills, Mountains and the Sky.

Enjoy the flowers covering hills, mountains and the sky. In Hokkaido, various kinds of flowers grow and bloom from spring to fall. Some of them can be seen only in Hokkaido because of its peculiar climate, and its magnificent view touches your heart. Above all, lavenders are so popular that many tourists come all the way to Hokkaido to see the beautiful flowers. You might want to check the flowering season if there’s any specific kind of flowers you’d like to see.

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You must be impressed with the purple carpet of lavenders on the vast land of Hokkaido. The flowers are processed into potpourri and herbal tea as well as being used for perfume and aromatherapy. As summer comes in Hokkaido, the flowers are coming out.

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Alpine plants

There are many different kinds of alpine plants that can be found only in Hokkaido. Especially, Rishiri Island and Rebun Island are well known for their treasury of alpine flowers and popular as "Paradise of Flowers." Thanks to the climate in Hokkaido, these flowers appear in Hokkaido earlier than in other areas, and you see various kinds of those flowers at the same time over the seasons

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Tulip flowers tell you the coming of early summer with its lovely shape. Many people love this flower, and so do the people in Hokkaido. In Hokkaido, "Tulip Koen" (Tulip Park) in Kamiyuubetsu-cho in Doto area is famous for the tulip. At "Tulip Koen," 1.2 millions of colorful tulips of 120 kinds bloom and change the vast land in vivid colors in early summer. Many tourists come to visit here in the flowering season.

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“Hamanasu” (Rugosa Rose)

Hamanasu, the flower of northland, blooms on the coast of severe environment. It is certified as the flower of Hokkaido due to its rustic and wild dynamism and its vivid color of the flowers. You see hamanasu in "Wakka primeval flower garden" in Kitami in Doto area, "Hamanasu no Oka park" in Ishikari in Douou area, and "Omusaro Primeval flower garden" in Monbetsu in Dohoku area.

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Primeval flower garden

Primeval flower garden is where flowers flourish naturally without any human treatment. Hokkaido is exactly the paradise of primeval flower garden. A typical example is "Koshimizu primeval flower garden" in Doto area. About 40 kinds of wild flowers grow in its grassland, which is a part of the quasi-national park. Rugosa roses appearing from June to August are very beautiful, and they captivate those who see the flowers with the blue sky above the Sea of Okhotsk at the back.

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Famous trees

Do you know that many trees in Hokkaido are supermodels? Especially, isolated trees standing in the hilly zones in Biei and Furano have been often selected as subjects of shooting in many TV programs and photographs. As a result, some trees are named “the tree of XXXX” after the name of the product. Why don’t you find your own one among these many trees?

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Tourist Garden

While wild flowers fascinatingly grow as they naturally are, there are tourist gardens in Hokkaido that are artistically well maintained. Each one of them makes the best use of the vast land of Hokkaido. For instance, “Yuni Garden” in Yuni in Douou area is an English-style garden where you’ll be entertained by different plants and flowers in the four seasons. You can enjoy broad-minded atmosphere in Hokkaido. If your hobby is gardening, it will certainly provide useful information for you.

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Hokkaido Garden Path

Seven delightful gardens that represent the beauty of Hokkaido are interspersed along the Hokkaido Garden Path. The 200-kilometer long route runs from north to south, connecting Asahikawa, Furano and towns in the Tokachi region. The distinctive climates and landscapes of Hokkaido are highlighted in each garden, while the route will let you take in stunning natural scenery, savor rich and varied local foods, and experience a wide range of activities.

Hokkaido Garden Path official website (*Japanese language only)
Ueno Farm (Asahikawa)
Windy Garden (Furano)
Tokachi Millennium Forest (Shimizu in the Tokachi region)
Manabe Garden (Obihiro)
Tokachi Hills (Makubetsu in the Tokachi region)
Shichiku Garden (Obihiro)

Other flowers

The aforementioned flowers are not the only ones that grow in Hokkaido! A wide variety of flowers, from Japanese traditional ones to unique ones, appear in Hokkaido. Different seasonal flowers, such as butterbur sprouts in spring, gentians in summer, and cosmoses in fall will please your eyes. All cannot be listed here, so if you get interested, please click here and go out for a flower trip!

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